Landlines and VOIP

O2 Landline

9 out of 10 businesses could save with O2 landline*

We have the solution that could save you money on your business communication costs without too much change.


  • Competitive line rental from £11.50 per month
  • Keep your number
  • Simple to switch
  • Opportunity to have one bill for all your communication needs
  • Set up completed as promised or your first month line rental will be free of charge


Every business needs all of their communication means to be reliable, speedy and cost effective. O2 is a leading provider of mobile and broadband services to consumers and businesses in the UK, and have used this experience in the communication industry to develop a competitive landline product for business.

O2 use the same infrastructure as BT but combine it with award winning service & competitive line rental, whilst you enjoy dedicated account management.

O2 Landline can cater for:

  1. Landline / Analogue - one number, one line
  2. ISDN2 - two channels on one line for voice, data or fax
  3. ISDN30 - up to 30 channels on one line
  4. Calls only - if you're in contract with BT you can still save money by moving your call charges to O2 and just pay BT for the line



*Findings from 1037 businesses who undertook an independent Tariffcom audit between February 2012 and July 2012


Talk Talk

Ask us about TalkTalk Broadband, Lines and Calls, you could benefit from:

  • Fast and reliable broadband - the fastest speed your line can handle
  • Unlimited usage allowance
  • Guaranteed prioritised bandwidth for business traffic
  • Free Business-grade router
  • Security licence
  • Static IP address
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